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Testimonials about Angela Morrill Leadership & Life Coaching


Feedback & Accolades

I am often asked…

What is the value of coaching?

What do I get for my money?

Why would I want to engage with a coach?

Why would I want my people to have a coach?

Often, the answer is one or more of the following: less stress and frustration, better morale and engagement, better team performance, improved relationships, better work/life balance, clarity of purpose, renewed passion for the business, greater influence, greater confidence, greater fulfillment, and the list goes on. I can also say that many get more out of it than they expected.

The outcomes ultimately depend on the visions and goals of the individual, possibly influenced by a sponsor. The quotes that follow offer a glimpse into the impact coaching had on past clients. The full impact is certainly far-reaching into business results, teams, families, and communities.

Client Accolades & Feedback

Sam Huckaby, Chief Development OfficerThe coaching I experienced with Angela allowed me to properly process some very important topics and has continued to support my growth in the organization, ultimately leading to my promotion from SVP to Chief Development Officer. It supported my leadership of what turned out to be one of the closest, most agile, and most successful teams. I look forward to working with Angela again in the future.

— Sam Huckaby, Chief Development Officer, Vantage Data Centers

The impact has been HUGE! I have known that I was holding myself back for a while but could never put a name to it or really recognize why. The coaching was a game-changer. I became more open, more vulnerable, and better at communication. With that came deeper relationships and trust.

— Ben, Technical Leader

Testimonials about Angela Morrill Leadership & Life Coaching

This was outside my comfort zone but not anymore! People are more willing to approach me at work. I am better at remaining calm when I would have otherwise reacted strongly. There are now more handshakes and high-fives on the team where there used to be conflict. This certainly helped me to look at things differently and to soften up my edges.

— Joel, Manufacturing Leader


Angela is special. She is good at what she does. I have never met anyone like her. She doesn’t tell me whether I am right or wrong or what to do. Rather, she helps me see things differently. And now my eyes are open.

— Tom, Operations Leader

Kelly VanderZwaagThis was divine intervention! It came at the perfect time for me. I was going through one of my worst experiences as a leader. This helped me to know how to handle and get through a tough situation. I found myself wondering why I didn’t do this sooner! I now know what to do, will act more quickly and will perform even better should a similar situation arise in the future.

— Kelly, Operations Leader

Sharif, CFOI matured a lot as a leader through this journey with an elevated sense of peace and contentment. What I learned will most certainly have a lasting impact on the leader I am going forward.

— Sharif, CFO

My interactions with others are more positive and productive. Coaching helped me become a better version of myself.

— Josh, Director Manufacturing

Testimonials about Angela Morrill Leadership & Life Coaching

I was feeling lost and overwhelmed and was not operating at my highest level of leadership. Coaching provided the right tools and resources when I needed them. It helped me to carve out time to work on myself, ask reflective questions, and explore next best goals. Along the way, I realized that the habits and thoughts that had helped me be successful in the past were no longer serving me well and in fact, were causing damage in my current environment and situation. I learned that as goals change, so too should the tools and methods used to achieve those goals.

— Kristy L, CHRO

“This experience was a game-changer and took everything to another level for me. I was able to identify the root cause of some topics that needed close attention. I found value in the time invested not only professionally but personally too. The experience was awesome! Thank you.”

— Ted, Project Management Leader

Gave me the clarity and intentionality I needed to pinpoint a problem and fix it.

— Ed, Engineering Leader

This has helped a ton, not only at work but with my home life too! I have more work/life balance and have found that having a happier family makes my work life easier. Team members commented that I have become more approachable, am investing more in their development, and am generally more involved. It was time well spent, for sure.

— Tim, Project Management Leader

A spark was ignited in me to improve the team culture and to make the team the best we can be. It makes me want to come to work every day!

— Julian, Engineering Leader

This was a confidence booster.

— Nate, Engineering Leader

Testimonials about Angela Morrill Leadership & Life Coaching


The experience completely transformed, not only my everyday life, but the lives of everyone around me. For that, I am very grateful! I never could have imagined the positive impact this would have on me, both personally and professionally. It allowed me to become the man GOD intended me to be.

  — Mike, Operations Leader

The accountability of the coaching sessions has pushed me to more quickly initiate additional discussion with my team as we work to maximize potential and communicate a shared vision.

— Nate, Engineering Leader

The coaching was valuable in that it gave me a safe space to process, to get clarity, and to shift my mindset such that it is now ok to focus on myself, my needs, and my desires.

— Michael, Technology Leader

This opened my eyes to the emotion and feeling side of leading people. I was cynical at first, and was proven wrong after figuring it out the hard way. I am now tuned-in to what drives people in order to realize our goals.

— Jeff, Engineering Leader

Allowed me to dream big and begin taking small baby steps towards that dream.

— Amy, Human Resources Leader

You have a gift!

— Kelli, Operations Expert

Testimonials about Angela Morrill Leadership & Life Coaching

You have been a fantastic coach!

— Ryan, Operations Leader

I am now focusing more on what I can do better as a leader instead of just looking at what others need to do better.

— Justin, Engineering Leader

The experience was game-changing and perfectly timed. While I was confident in my abilities, I could not figure out how to get past roadblocks. A change in perspective helped me to see I was holding myself back.

— Blake, Director IT

The experience really opened my eyes and made me realize that I need to step up and provide more support for my team.

— Chris, Operations Leader

My odds of ‘filling the bus’ with the right people have increased dramatically.

— Christian, Engineering Leader

The many impactful moments throughout the program helped to strip away some limiting beliefs and make way for more confidence when engaging with employees, especially in difficult situations.

— Austin, Engineering Leader

I don’t like talking about myself but I see the value in it now and that it is necessary for growth. Growth happened when I stretched myself to get things out of my head and to be willing to discuss and challenge my beliefs and natural tendencies.

— Shawn, Engineering Leader

Testimonials about Angela Morrill Leadership & Life Coaching

This provided some ‘me’-time and provided accountability for self-care which I would not have done on my own. Angela was good at laying down the law when needed in that moment.

— LeAndra, Technology Leader

I wish I would have done this 20 years ago! It certainly would have helped my career path if I had. Looking back, I really didn’t want to do this, but it turned out to be a very good thing. Angela helped me to better understand and overcome some of my life-long daily struggles. I learned a lot about myself and how to better work with others.

— Tom, Operations Leader

Testimonials about Angela Morrill Leadership & Life Coaching

My coach helped me to realize what we needed to talk about, to think about things differently, and to get to my own answers.

— Jeremy, Engineering Leader

I advanced significantly my understanding of who I am, my nature, what I want to do, where I want to be with my team, and to pursue it with a passion. I have new insights to help me better self-motivate. And I was able to advance my team in a way I wanted to with a clarity and intentionality I would not have had otherwise.

— Zach, Engineering Leader

This was a better way to work. It was helpful having accountability to make sure stuff got done.

— Sarah, Service Leader

This experience had good ROI, a ton of value, and it continues to give back.

— Anthony, Operations Leader

Josh S, Operations LeaderI used to think I had fixed personality traits that could not be overcome. Coaching helped me to see that we never have to stop developing ourselves, no matter our age. Digging down deep, I ultimately figured out what was holding me back. I am now in a better place personally, and better positioned to be the leader I want to be.

— Josh S, Operations Leader

I feel better prepared to be a leader now with a better defined purpose, better understanding of my values, beliefs, and passions, and more self-awareness. My mindset has changed around the value of relationships and I am focusing more on strengthening them.

— Erica, Product Leader

This has been a win for me. I am now more of a listener than an iron-fist. And I realize now there comes a time when I may have to agree to disagree. In the past, I didn’t care what made people tick. Now I understand my people better and how to work with different personalities.

— Joel, Operations Leader

When you speak, it’s always worth listening to.

— Brian, Engineering Leader

Testimonials about Angela Morrill Leadership & Life Coaching

Investing in myself was definitely value-adding.

— Mack, Project Management Leader

I am now more intentional about making time to work on personal and team development plans.

— Joe, Project Management Leader

Things are so much easier now. Before, I felt like there was something holding me back. Angela helped me identify it as an internal conflict. This led to a change in my mindset which has been huge! I am now looking at things differently, feeling much more confident in a new approach, and optimistic about the journey ahead of me.

— Jeff, Supply Chain Leader

Tracey D., Operations LeaderI feel so much better about things after spending time with Angela. She helps me to see things differently such that I can be more open to differing views and ultimately, more effective in my approach. I now have a different mindset that is reflected in my tone of voice, which has limited my effectiveness in the past. The timing has been perfect considering some of the challenges I am facing at work. I am now more at peace with that which I cannot control and confident in who I am as a leader.

— Tracey D., Operations Leader

Your insights have been so helpful. I really do feel lucky to have you as my coach.

— Charity, Physician and Practice Owner

I had some great ‘Aha moments’ I would not have had without the coaching.

— Vicki, Service Leader

Angela is awesome and I will miss our coaching sessions.

— Tom, Operations Leader

Thank you for your help, support and encouragement over the past +12 months. Your coaching made a great difference in my life, my work, and my understanding. I really appreciate you!

— Heather D, VP Aquisitions

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Testimonials about Angela Morrill Leadership & Life Coaching

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