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Angela Morrill Executive Coach and Leadership Trainer


My Mission

Lighting the path for leaders where wisdom, insight and clarity thrive and communities flourish.

My Approach

Trust is paramount to a productive coaching engagement made possible through strict confidentiality and non-judgement. Clarity is found through honest introspection and truthful observation. And results come with forward motion and accountability.

My Process

Angela Morrill Executive Coach and Leadership Trainer

The Foundation

Angela Morrill Executive Coach and Leadership Trainer

Goals & Opportunities

Angela Morrill Executive Coach and Leadership Trainer

Internal & External Realities

Angela Morrill Executive Coach and Leadership Trainer

Forward Movement & Action

Angela Morrill Executive Coach and Leadership Trainer

On Progress

Angela Morrill Executive Coach and Leadership Trainer

Growth & Achievement

Hindsight is 20/20

I am right where I am supposed to be and always have been. The road to get here was certainly not straight and often foggy. Looking back on the journey that brought me where I am today, it is clear now how every up and down and twist and turn was preparing me, growing my knowledge, honing my skills, and shaping my beliefs.

When I look back, I see the value of having worked in organizations of all sizes from the large multinational to the small single-location organization, in a wide variety of industries from heavy equipment to service and non-profit , in both publicly-traded and privately-owned firms. I have worked alongside the president in the private office and the mechanic on the shop floor, with every function in the organization from sales to operations, focused on planning horizons from the 10-year strategy to the day ahead.

So while I started my career as a degreed engineer and a certified Six Sigma Black Belt, the sum of my life experiences and training have fully prepared me to be the coach and trainer I am today; that is having a strict code of confidentiality balanced with a quest for the truth; a keen ear balanced with a direct communication style, comfort in the moment balanced with an orientation toward a better tomorrow, a deep sense of faith balanced with a genuine respect for the values and beliefs of each individual.

Indeed, I believe each of us has a unique God-given design and that we are called to live according to our authentic core with our own beliefs and values and innate strengths. It is my honor to help others discover how to lead and live life in perfect alignment with our core. Therein lies fulfillment and purpose. I have found mine in serving leaders.

When I am not coaching or training, you will likely find me outside hiking, biking, paddling, boating or chasing a sunset. You will also find me enjoying a healthy meal, leading a Bible study, or playing a spirited game of euchre with those I love and who bring me joy.

As a servant of God, everywhere I go, there I am. With purpose. With conviction.

“Our power lies in our small daily choices, one after another, to create eternal ripples of a life well lived.” ― Mollie Marti

Questions Answered

Curious about something?

What can I expect in a coaching session?

In an initial coaching session, we will clarify what coaching is and isn’t, we will align on expectations for a successful engagement, we will get to know each other better, and we will discuss the best possible outcome for our journey together.

In a typical coaching session, you can expect follow up from the previous session, an invitation to share your desired topic for the session, and dialogue to that end guided by questions from your coach.

Are coaching sessions confidential?

Coaching session are absolutely confidential. In order for there to be growth, there must be safety and trust. The only exception, of course, is where I am legally obligated to report.

How often do we meet?

Meeting frequency is up to the client. Some clients prefer to meet weekly and others prefer to allow more time between sessions. Your coach may make a recommendation but it is ultimately up to you.

How is coaching different than therapy?

A good coach is trained to know when an individual might benefit from the help of a therapist. A coach will empower a client to find a path forward with coach support. If an individual is still unable to identify a path forward, the support of a therapist, who is a licensed healthcare professional, may be needed. This is the exception.

Why would anyone need a coach?

Working with a coach is a choice people make in order to create clarity, solve problems, overcome barriers to desired outcomes, improve effectiveness, tap into one’s potential, maximize impact, and/or realize greater fulfillment.

In summary, motivated individuals engage with a coach to clearly identify what it is they want and to realize a desired goal.

What happens at the end of our coaching engagement?

A coaching engagement may come to an end when a goal is met, a plan is in place or a certain question is answered. To close out an engagement, we will reflect on and celebrate the growth, new insights, and successes realized along the way. And we will explore next steps for promoting ongoing growth.

How do I know if someone is a good coach?

You will know a good coach as one who::

  • Forms a strong relationship by earning your trust, refraining from judgement, and respecting boundaries;
  • Embodies professionalism including integrity, confidentiality and objectivity;
  • Practices sound coaching methodology surfacing core issues, offering truth, and always honoring the client’s agenda.

Coaches having a 3rd party certification, such as that from the ICF, will have undergone a rigorous assessment to ensure the coach meets their high standards on all of these fronts.

What is meant by 'leadership'?

The word leadership is used in multiple ways, all of which are valid in our context:

Leadership of self – This is the starting point for all other forms of leadership. This relates to having personal vision for your life, and behaving in a way that brings you closer to that vision.

Leadership of others – Involves creating clarity of goals for another individual or a group of people, inspiring, motivating, and coaching for high performance.

Leadership of organizations, programs, or endeavors – Includes the definition and communication of purpose and vision, the assembling of resources, and engaging and motivating of the people within, in fulfillment of the vision.

Certifications & Credentials

Some of Angela’s certifications and credentials…

Professional Certified Coach PCC2

Let’s Get To Work!

Drop me a note to let me know you are ready to get started or schedule a complimentary Discovery Call to get a taste of what coaching will be like.