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Angela Morrill Leadership & Executive Coaching


Where wisdom, insight and clarity thrive

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Lead Well & Live Well!

Whether you lead an organization, a group of people or yourself, you are a leader. You deserve to both lead well and live well. Those you influence deserve it too. Engage with a coach to clearly identify your opportunities, goals and dreams. Engage with a coach to discover and clear the path to get there.

Duvolé Leadership Transformation

Webinar Series – On Demand

5-part webinar series delivering key elements of the Duvolé Leadership Transformation Program

  1. Removing Stress/Struggle in Work (Register for Replay)
  2. Communicating with Power and Authenticity (Register for Replay)
  3. Growing a Leadership Mindset (Register for Replay)
  4. Building a Thriving Culture (Register for Replay)
  5. Ingraining a Resilient Culture (Coming Soon!)
Duvolé Leadership Transformation Program

Executive Coaching

Gain the clarity you seek in order to maximize your effectiveness as a leader and develop others to do the same.  Formats include one-on-one or group coaching.

Speaking Engagements

Custom or prepared topics about leadership in business or in life delivered in presentation style to fit your need. Suitable for both large and small audiences.

Workshops and Training

A facilitated and engaging dialogue around a specific topic to meet a desired objective. Topics include strategy development, change management, teambuilding, and more. Ideal for groups no larger than 30 participants.

Individual Assessments

Whether it be Energy Leadership Index (ELI), DiSC, or CliftonStrengths, an individual or group assessment with a debrief is sure to give you and your team valuable insights to serve you in your growth journey. 

Life Coaching

Discover what it means for you to live life fully and explore how to make it a reality. Appropriate for any life stage, whether early in career or in retirement.

Angela Morrill Leadership & Executive Coaching

Multiple Ways To Engage

Stuck in a rut? Coaching, training or workshops might be just what you need to break through. Also helpful if you wish to broaden your influence, maximize your impact, expand your perspective, and live life more fully. Check out the Flyer for more information.

About Your Coach & Facilitator
Experienced & Passionate

Passionate about growing amazing leaders who create great places to work and lead fulfilling lives, Angela enables transformational change in individuals, teams, and businesses as the Founder and President of Angela Morrill Leadership & Life Coaching. Angela is an ICF- Certified Professional Coach and was recognized as a member of the Forbes Coaches Council. With a background in engineering, operations and strategy, she is uniquely qualified to serve results-oriented leaders in the Manufacturing and Industrial sectors.

Angela Morrill Leadership & Executive Coaching
Angela Morrill Leadership & Executive Coaching

Real Life Impact

Kelly VanderZwaagThis was divine intervention! It came at the perfect time for me. I was going through one of my worst experiences as a leader. This helped me to know how to handle and get through a tough situation. I found myself wondering why I didn’t do this sooner! I now know what to do, will act more quickly and will perform even better should a similar situation arise in the future.

— Kelly, Operations Leader

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